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We will try to examine A Way Out, produced by Josef Fares, which is similar to an interactive American movie that you can not play alone, but only with your friend.

Promotional image for the game A Way Out.

Promotional image for the game A Way Out.

I think playing video games is a lonely experience for people like me who are about to step into their thirties today. In our childhood, the internet did not enter every house. Online games were not very popular. If you are not a Knight Online fan or something, our game experience was to have a story on its own.

We, lonely people fleeing from society, would return home and turn on our shelter computer and play single player games. But something has changed these days. While we were escaping the poisonous competition, ego wars, misunderstandings, and scoldings of society, it somehow moved online with competitive, depthless, storyless games, and turned into something that humiliated the player for enjoyment, where newbies avoid entering a new game because of the scolding they hear.

That’s why we always approached online games with prejudice. We still approach popular, storyless games that way, but something happened. A man named Josef Fares has added a new dimension to the face of online games. He designed a unique online game for a naive generation like us, where they can play story games with their beloved friend. He even convinced Electronic Arts, which we know with his passion for profit, and sold most of his games in a method called Friend Pass, where one person can buy it and a friend can play it too.

Josef Fares, also a Swedish director and founder of Hazelight Studio, has released plays such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, then A Way Out and critically acclaimed It Takes Two. We previously reviewed its latest game, It Takes Two, here. It was like a relationship counselor. There were parts that were fun and wonderful in design. Today, we will examine A Way Out, the game that our brother Josef released before that.

Story of A Way Out

A Way Out actually has a classic American movie script. It tells the story of two men who were imprisoned for the same person they hired, unaware of each other, to escape from prison and set out together to take their revenge. You have a hard time getting into the story at first. The characters seem without depth, but as we progress, we gain new information about both of their pasts and we feel that the duo, whose friendship deepens, begins to trust each other.

Although it looks like a poster, it is really one of the in-game scenes of A Way Out.

Although it looks like a poster, it is really one of the in-game scenes of A Way Out.

Perhaps due to the cinematic background of the producer and director of the game, Josef Fares, we give serious consideration to the movie Old Boy, which made a name for itself with its violent scenes and became legendary especially with its camera angle in one scene, and Scarface, which was directed by Brian DePalma and even later had an open world enjoyable game. There are allusions and references.

General Evaluation

The twist at the end of the story is enough to surprise the player. A Way Out promises five hours of gameplay with its unique gameplay and mission structure, especially with its pace in the escape scenes. Even if you think that the story is not very successful when you finish it, you realize that it is a game that leaves a trace after time has passed. Since I wrote this review a few weeks after playing the game and I still think about it from time to time, that must be the case.

As in It Takes Two, there are small side games in this game that you can play with your friend.

As in It Takes Two, there are small side games in this game that you can play with your friend.

I have to thank my only playmate, Mustafa, who allowed me to play these games with a safe, non-toxic competition for the first time before I was in my thirties.


By the way, I played the game with my Gamepass subscription. Gamepass is heading towards an unprecedented point in the gaming world. With its contract with Ea Games and this price policy, I think it will overthrow Playstation.

Let’s see how it will be if Playstation makes a raise after a raise, ignoring regional pricing?

We also talked to my last cousin, if you ask me, we will now assemble our last computers in the coming years. From now on, I hope cloud gaming will develop enough and we will go on vacations and play games with our thin laptops. Take care, dear reader, until we meet in a new game review with the hope of accessible video games.



A Way Out Review
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Briefly My Opinion

It is a unique production that offers a pleasant adventure experience with a friend to those who are bored with empty battle games. The story is slightly above average, but the game is unique and well worth its money after all.

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