Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

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In the content, we will examine Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, a two player game developed by Starbreeze Studio in 2013.

Computer games remind me of loneliness. Over the years, I have played many games alone in which I found peace by entering the world. I’ve always been disgusted with competitive multiplayer games. Sure, the sweet rivalry with your friends was good, but the rivalry in most of these games had a toxic side. That’s why I usually always came home and immersed myself in the magical world of computer games.

Then, non-competitive two-player games, where you can experience a story together, started to come out. However, this time, I never had the chance to experience these games because I played alone for years or because there were not many people around me who were interested in computer games and had time.

Of course, it’s not just about people being interested or finding time. We had to enter this world late as individuals who had the same living standards as a child, as the financial maturity to build a computer that will satisfy you was reached too late in Turkey. In this regard, I did not have friends to play GTA Online on the game console until the morning. I myself had earned the money to buy a second-hand Xbox 360 by working somewhere and saving money. Anyway, I never had the opportunity to experience these beautiful two-player games for social and class reasons for a very long time.

Later we met Mustafa, he becomes my first playmate with whom I experience stories. I played two great games with him, such as It Takes Two and A Way Out, which I wrote about on this site. I liked these games and the experience they added to the friendship regardless of the place they live in that I bought the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons game, which Josef Fares, who is the director of both games, shelved in 2013 and an obsessive player played two people on the same computer with Feyime. we started. Feyime doesn’t like every game, so I try to persuade her to find good games and play, but if she likes the game, she will play until I get tired of it.

The Topic of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is about the journey of two brothers named Naiee and Naia. The story opens with the character Naiee crying at her mother’s grave. Naiee’s mother fell into the sea, but Naiee could not save her mother because she could not swim and was small. For this reason, Naiee is afraid of water throughout the game, and she enters the water by holding onto her brother Naia’s back.

However, what happened to the two brothers will not be limited to these. Their father will fall ill and it will be realized that the only way to get better is the water in the tree of life. After that, Naiee and Naia set out to find the water of the tree of life to heal their father.

General Evaluation of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The game is played with an overhead view with a third-person camera. It has added dynamism to the game, but it must be said that the camera angle makes your head spin slightly in some places.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Trailer

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Trailer

There is one thing we must say in the overall evaluation of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons: The game has great visuals and great music made by Gustaf Grefberg. Although it is a game made in 2013, it never feels old with its graphics and magnificent visuals, and it reminds again and again that computer games are the most complex works of art ever.

Apart from that, although it helps to establish the atmosphere in some places, especially in elevator animations, the rhythm of the game becomes quite heavy, but this does not interrupt the general narrative of the story. In addition, the fact that there is almost no dialogue in the game, except that the brothers call each other by their names, reveals that the director of the game, Josef Fares, can express what he wants to express in an incredibly aesthetic and universal language without using words.

Gameplay image from Brothers A Tale of Two Sons.

Gameplay image from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The game is for two players. It can be played online on a game console or with two gamepads. Or it is possible to play online on a computer or by splitting a single keyboard into two. If you make the key mapping[1] settings well with a tool like Antimicro, you can play with two joysticks from the computer.

The price of the game is quite affordable. It can be obtained with a Gamepass subscription or via Steam.


[1] The task of manually assigning the keys on the keyboard to the buttons on the joystick.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review
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Briefly My Opinion

It is a masterpiece that you can play with your partner or friend, experience a deep story, and buy it with your eyes closed at affordable prices.

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