Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Review

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In this content, we will examine the Call of Duty Modern Warfare game released in 2019, and evaluate the criticisms of the political stance on which the story of the game is based.

I am actually a fan of open world games. However, I have been following and playing FPS (First Person Shooter Games) that offer good experience for years. Since XIII, I finished all the Battlefield games and the Wolfenstein games, including the years when Medal of Honor offered the opportunity to experience the most important and most casualties of World War II, the Landing in Normandy.

In an FPS, I look for good game mechanics as well as a solid story, beautiful in-game animations and, above all, a good storytelling. Let me tell you from the beginning: Call of Duty Modern Warfare game, released in 2019 by Activision, meets these criteria well despite its political issue with an independent evaluation.

Players have been critical of Activision for years. Because Activision is a billion dollar company, it often fears to produce big innovations, sells games dearly, and sometimes makes mistakes such as releasing a game from the Call Of Duty series in the style of Battle Royal, which does not contain a story. The general criticism in recent years is that Activision sees the Call of Duty series as a milk cow. Indeed, this is a justified criticism of the last few years. However, it should be noted that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, which they released in 2019, looks out of this line.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019

Story Of Call of Duty Modern Warfare

The game takes place in a fictional country called Urzukistan. America is helping an organization fighting to gain independence in Urzukistan, which was shattered by the end of the civil war. In front of us, we find a fictional terrorist organization called Al-Qatala, which Russia and its support. Later, we start fighting in Urzukistan while searching for links to the terrorist acts organized by Al-Qatala.

Of course, these fictional names are about Activision’s desire to avoid global backlash, which is almost the first to bring a political war to an FPS. If I was to tell the main story, this is the case. Even though the play’s fictional name is Urzukistan or something, it takes place in Syria as we know it. America also sees the YPG, which Turkey call a terrorist organization, as freedom fighters, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 makes the player fight the Russians and various organizations as a YPG supporter. In order to fully understand what the game emphasizes, it is necessary to know the situation in Syria.

Who is in Syria Now and By Whom?

Let me explain it very briefly. It is stated that 11 million of the 22 million Syrians have migrated to other countries in the last 10 years, 2 million people have been killed, most of them are missing, and according to unofficial figures, almost 18 million of the 22 million Syrians are displaced from their homes. In fact, there is an seven-minute documentary prepared by the BBC that tells about what is happening below, clearly, without comment and quickly. Watch it and start the game like that.

In short, there are Turks, Russians, Iranians, Americans, YPG, ISIS, Free Syrian Army, Regime Forces and Hezbollah in Syria.

Russia and Regime forces act together.

America, on the other hand, acts together with the YPG.

Iran stands by Hezbollah.

Turkey is sometimes giving political support to the Free Syrian Army is fighting to protect its territorial integrity against YPG appears as an extension of the PKK and PYD.

At least that’s the case for now. Nobody wants another group to move forward, even though there are forces in the same union that compromise each other because their political stances and sometimes interests overlap. Normally allied states have a diverging attitude… Syria is quite complicated.

In such an environment, it would not be right to launch a game that supports YPG. Especially young people, reflecting the most modern parts of the world, to the internet and computer geeks favorite computer games politicized both in Turkey and all similar reddit criticized in the international media.

A real view from Syria.

A real view from Syria. (soruce)

It is necessary not to confuse this with the TV series of the period, and not to say that “it is a fictional story my dear”. It should be noted that as the number of these and similar productions increases, the YPG suddenly starts to be mentioned as a freedom fighter group in the world public opinion.

For example, in games and movies, the evil done by the Germans in World War II is always told. Nobody produces productions that speak of war crimes committed by other states. Yes, Germany is guilty, but hasn’t other states’ hands been contaminated at all in the war? Therefore, Activision’s attitude with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 is worrying. I think that similar productions should be more sensitive to current political issues and should not be marked as black and white in order to prevent people from taking their ability to think independently.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Overview

Although it is difficult to interpret Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 in this political environment, if we look at the experience it offers, its pace is quite high, the Call Of Duty series, which has perhaps the best FPS mechanics of the world, does not disrupt the fun experience, making the mechanics even more realistic, If you are playing with a good graphics card, it should be noted that it offers graphics beyond the age.

In addition, it is a unique educational opportunity to include striking moments that tell what a terrible thing war is, the scenes of a people killed by sarin gas, and seeing fathers killed in front of children in a movie or play. If you ask me, these games do not lead people to violence for this reason, as revealed by the latest scientific research. Although some of his criticisms of legitimizing violence are justified, the interactive and striking experience he presents also creates a consciousness that no human being will actually want to experience this situation.

Although the parts of the stereotypes such as the Russians constantly on the opposite side and the helicopters landing at the American consulate are classic – there was a similar section in the Amazon Production Tom Clancy’s Jack Rayn – the play did not have a big problem in terms of the logical consistency of the script, the story was told without a hitch. It should also be noted.

So, with this technology, instead of battle royal, FPS with a beautiful story is also made. When it is done, there is no bad game experience. Based on his political view, I believe that Activision is able to make the best FPS games ever in the future by changing the nature of the subjects it covers and extending the game times in the story mode.

Its sale price in europe outside of the game is very, very expensive. The story mode will last at least 20 hours so I’ll pay 55 euro for a game. I bought it for review, but I guess it makes more sense to wait for it to go on sale to buy it, or to see that your shoe is in check when new Call of Duty games come out and add it to the basket.

Take care until you meet in the next game review.


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Briefly My Opinion

Although it is very reliant on its political view and the thesis that Americans always save the world, it is a production that is in the category of games that should be played with the game experience it offers. And it is very expensive.

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