Call of Duty Vanguard Review

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We will examine Call of Duty Vanguard, the last game of the almost 20-year-old series of Call of Duty, and present its story.

Massive game companies used to not see games as a means of milking money. Every year it has released many games with amazing stories. But now, with the increase in online gaming, unfortunately this number does not exceed the fingers of one hand or they are platform-specific with the funding of companies like Playstation.

Call of Duty Vanguard Teaser Image

Call of Duty Vanguard Teaser Image

I would like to experience a quality story in the games I play alone. Call of Duty used to tell similar stories successfully years ago, when online haming wasn’t that common. Its stunning beginnings and the great atmosphere of the Second World War offered a great combination with the game fun that it did not miss to be a simulation.

The series, which brought this to the top with Modern Warfare 1, 2 and 3, released in 2007, 2009 and 2011, has not been telling stories of that flavor for a long time, and has even produced a game without a story mode. Because of the reactions, a new Modern Warfare came in 2019. It made us think that the series was finally returning to its essence.

A Gameplay Caps from Call of Duty Vanguard

A Gameplay Caps from Call of Duty Vanguard

The producer and distributor of the game, Activision, did not neglect to include a story mode in all their subsequent games, yes, maybe because they avoid reactions, maybe we sell them for very high prices, at least they thought we should add a story mode. However, these story modes were not as elaborate as they used to be and took a very short time.

Let’s see how Call of Duty Vanguard performs in this regard.

The Story of Call of Duty Vanguard

Call of Duty takes us back to the second world war, dear reader. This time, however, we are not advancing in a chronologically ordered story with a single character. This is the story of a team of six private soldiers from different nationalities established by the allied states.

Each of these soldiers, specially selected and brought together by Arthur Kingsley, every character has a striking story and a reason for being selected for the team. Our team is six people, including Arthur Kingsley. These six people are as follows:

  • Arthur Kingsley
  • Richard Webb
  • Polina Petrova
  • Lucas Riggs
  • Wade Jackson
  • Novak
The game depicts a team led by Arthur Kingsley.

The game depicts a team led by Arthur Kingsley.

Call of Duty Vanguard begins with this team’s attempt to infiltrate a headquarters to steal a secret Nazi project called Project Phoenix. I don’t want to give too much detail in order not to miss the excitement of the game, which already has a story mode of 5-6 hours, but I would like to state that we have experienced the stories of each of our team members throughout the game and that each team member is full of unique abilities. These abilities allow us to experience different features in terms of gameplay.

Although I find the way of thinking and narration very, very correct, unfortunately we cannot identify enough with these characters due to the short playtime. For example, if we focused only on the story of Russian sniper Polina Petrova, instead of telling the stories of so many characters, a Call of Duty game would be talked about for years.

The story shows that with the end, Call of Duty is also planning to bring the Vanguard game into a series format. While game publishers generally don’t like the story, I see it as a start that has potential but needs more careful handling and longer playtime.

Of course, there is no point in stretching the scenes and taking long walks from place to place to prolong the playing time. But adding another 4 hours in the action flow of Call of Duty would be awesome.

I don’t know how possible this is due to the time limit set for producing the game in Call of Duty games, which are released almost every year, but I think it would be more accurate both economically and prestigely for them to produce a clean game every two years rather than a regular Call of Duty game every year.

Call of Duty Vanguard General Evaluation

Activision has an incredibly high pricing policy, dear reader. Every year, we think, “This much money cannot be given to this game”. But the gaming world also reflects the limits of computer technology. In the whole world, only a handful of big-budget games can be produced every year. For this reason, every time we buy a Call of Duty game and ask, “What did they do this time?” we look.

Call of Duty Vanguard is successful like every Call of Duty in terms of gameplay. Although there were some things that were not quite complete this time, but it’s okay. The hitting feel, the conflicts, everything is pretty balanced and just the way it should be.

Storytelling is successful as the way it is used, but since it wants to tell a lot in a short time, it is impossible to get into the story completely. While it could have been a successful story, it was treated a little sloppy. It is not as shocking as the other Call of Duty games we have played since the beginning, normally the beginnings of Call of Duty would shake us and break us. The cutscenes and cinematics are pretty good though.

I consider it a game that can be bought and played while it is discounted at a rate of at least 30% – 35% from the exit price.


Call of Duty Vanguard Review
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  • Fluency
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Briefly My Opinion

There is no trace of those stories that we remember, but it still has great potential, especially with the story of Polina Petrova. It can be bought at a serious discount.

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