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We will review the Crime Boss Rockay City game, produced by Ingame Studios and published by 505 Games.
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One of thee teasere image of Crime Boss Rockay City

One of thee teasere image of Crime Boss Rockay City

Crime Boss Rockay City has been one of the productions I have been most curious about since the day it was announced. Especially the video they published and the Hollywood stars they worked with seemed to herald that something big was coming. I didn’t know Ingame Studios, the producer of the game. There was information that they were a Czech Republic-based game studio founded in 2020, and Crime Boss Rockay City would be their first game. 

So one could not predict exactly what would happen. Working with names such as Michael Madsen, Kim Bassinger, Chuck Norris, Danny Trejo showed that good money was invested in the work. We could suddenly encounter a game studio that entered the gaming world at the top. With this expectation, I took a risk and even pre-ordered the game.

The Story of Crime Boss Rockay City

The game tells the story of a charismatic gang boss named Trevor who sets out to dominate a city from scratch. For this purpose, we recruit gang members to our team and participate in robberies and conflicts with them. As the story progresses, we undertake large-scale missions.

Initially, there were six gangs operating in the city. Each gang has areas they control. Our main goal is to capture these areas and destroy rival gangs one by one, as well as progressing in the story. The money needed for this purpose is obtained from story missions, robberies and the conflicts we win.

Some of the Hollywood celebrities featured in Crime Boss Rockay City

Some of the Hollywood celebrities featured in Crime Boss Rockay City

The structure of the game is quite interesting. There is a turn-based order, so there is a limit to the things you can do in a day, depending on the number of your gang members and soldiers. You do some missions yourself, and you can send your soldiers to some missions. I liken it to old strategy games with a medieval theme. We occasionally experience FPS. Apart from this, the game also has a roguelike (permanent death) feature, which I hate. So, if the main character dies, you have to start from the beginning.

Crime Boss Rockay City General Review

Crime Boss Rockay City actually has a promising future, but I think they didn’t have the opportunity to pay the same attention to the rest of the game because too much money was spent on the cast in order to increase advertising and impact. 

A gameplay image of Crime Boss Rockay City

A gameplay image of Crime Boss Rockay City

First of all, despite the great cast, the story does not have a gripping structure. The telling of the story is constantly interrupted. After a while, the cutscenes filled with the cast that spent so much money cease to be worth watching. As a cutscene addict, even I started skipping the cutscenes after an hour of experience.

What is in the heads of the gang members we clashed with? Did I unknowingly purchase a separate package or something?

What is in the heads of the gang members we clashed with? Did I unknowingly purchase a separate package or something?

Games are productions that put a lot of effort into making them. No need to beat around the bush, Crime Boss Rockay City is the studio’s first job. If they listen to the criticism, I think this game can be a little more cheerful with updates and they can make better games in the future, but some things in particular are very meaningless. I thought there must be a reason, but as I shared the image, I couldn’t figure out why the heads of the gang members I fought with were like balloons. I couldn’t find any explanation. It is impossible to understand whether he is trying to present something entertaining like Saints Row or whether he is telling a serious gang story, as we see from the cutscenes.

During combat, we sometimes encounter strange errors such as the arrow keys not working. Even though its turn-based structure and obsession with taking over the city keep people entertained for a long time, having to constantly work in the same places, not even having a large story-oriented section count on the fingers of one hand, and having these story missions appear over and over again as the game time gets longer is pure nonsense. It is impossible to understand why one would add so few locations and so few story missions to a game of this size.

One of the enemy gang leaders in the game

One of the enemy gang leaders in the game

I was going to continue playing until I conquered all the areas because it was good for distraction, but after a while, I started to not care much about the missions because doing the same things got really boring, and since I was back to the beginning when I died as the main character, I couldn’t find the determination to go through all these processes again and I destroyed the whole city. I quit the game before I got it.

As you can see, my thoughts about the game are complicated and not very positive. It took me a while to get used to the interface and menus. However, considering that countries such as the Czech Republic and Ukraine, especially Ukraine’s 4A Games studio, we now see that these countries have the experience and commercial success to make big games. 

Good things are coming out of our country Turkey too. Making games means traveling on the boundaries of technology and art. It means an effort to bring together the most complex storytelling and mathematical structure that human memory has achieved. For this reason, it is very important that game-making skills spread, technology becomes cheaper, and different countries start to make a name for themselves in this sector. We would like to see games with different cultural elements from the companies of these countries instead of imitation works.

Take care until we see you at the next review.


By the way, regardless of the game, I changed my computer setup while playing Crime Boss Rockay City. I moved the case to a place where it could breathe less to get a better view and less visibility… Just when it looked like it was perfect, suddenly there was some lag while playing the game. I was already set up and immediately started writing in my notes that the game had a performance problem. It turns out that where I inserted the case, the processor got extremely hot because the case could not cool itself. It was untouched and I noticed this by chance. We almost took the computer in our hands. We ripped it cheap.


Crime Boss Rockay City Review
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Briefly My Opinion

My thoughts on Crime Boss Rockay City are mixed and not very positive. It took me a while to get used to the interface and menus, but maybe seeing the eighty percent discount might help distract me.

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