Cyberpunk 2077 Review

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Cyberpunk 2077 is a sensational, open-world RPG game expected for seven years. In our article, we will examine this design wonder game that we generally like.

As can be seen from the slogan of our website, I consider the video games with good fiction as a work of art, I think video games are the new storytelling form of the 21st century. Personally, I admire open world games, as I have written many times in my previous reviews, especially on That’s why I played almost all of the open world games released after 2000 from Total Overdose to Scarface, from FarCry to Sleeping Dogs.

Years ago, when I was unemployed when GTA V was first released, I know that I played guitar on the street for weeks, bought a second-hand Xbox 360 with the money I saved, played the GTA V and then sold it back. My passion is this, dear reader, although some may find it stupid.

Night City Nights

Night City Nights

Cyberpunk 2077 was one of the productions that attracted my attention since the day it was first announced. As someone who has played and liked the Deus Ex series before, I thought the large-scale version would be incredibly enjoyable. Years of waiting and videos released within the game also increased my excitement. After all these postponements – even though some players died before they could play the game – the 7-year wait came to an end and Cyberpunk 2077 appeared.


We are experiencing the life journey of a character named V in the game. In this journey we started from scratch, while planning to become the greatest man of the city of Night City, we unwittingly lose our friends, make new friendships and have an unforgettable life together with the character of Johnny Silverhand, who has to live in our memory. At the beginning of the game, there are three different options where three different stories are told. – There is nothing different about these pleasant stories except for the first 20 minutes, but we will explain this later in the article. – I started the game with the nomad option.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG game. That’s why there are lengthy dialogues and optional talks, but we rarely witness these choices turn the tide of the story. Although Cyberpunk 2077 is an RPG game, it starts with lots of action. The establishment of friendship at the beginning of the story seems artificial. For this reason, the gamer cannot quickly get involved in the story, but then this problem is resolved as the friendship deepens.

However, it is possible to say that with an hour of play time, you are completely accustomed to the game universe and its controls. After a few hours, the whole story envelops you and you feel like you are starting a long-lasting adventure. In fact, the story embraces the gamer so well that you want to do the side missions of the characters we encounter while performing the main missions.

There’s an enormous range of side quests that run parallel to the main story, deepening the main story that attracts even mainstream story-addicted types like me who don’t do side quests. Our romantic relationship with Panam is sometimes more engaging than the main story. Even funny images like the following have been produced on the internet.

Panam and Judy Missions (Cyberpunk 2077 Memes)

Panam and Judy Missions (Cyberpunk 2077 Memes)


Cyberpunk 2077 was not liked by many as soon as it came out. Sony announced that it removed the game from the playstation store until it was improved, but let me state from the beginning that I liked the game as a person who played the game on the computer.

Yes, there were serious problems. Some settings such as boxes rendered in the last second, animation errors, areas that appear as roads on the map but are actually straight areas, incorrect GPS directions, language setting, etc. there were errors.

However, I did not encounter a problem that would prevent playing the episodes. It was a fact that it exhausted the system when it was first released, but after the first update, it was a game I played with pleasure in general and I would easily get it in the category of the best games I played.

What is the explanation for the emergence of a game that is said to have been developed for 7 years with many errors? Have things been settled in the last few months, not for 7 years as it is thought? Why were their ads overdone?

Let’s answer!

First of all, the game had a completely different scenario, although it was actually close to this. Character V, who was at the forefront of this scenario, was both more deeply structured in a narrative sense and three different story variations were indeed three different experiences. However, whatever happened, and as described here, Keunu Reeves, our brother’s involvement in the business changed the whole thing.

Keunu Reeves, who initially played the character Jhonny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077, was not too big in the game. However, when Keunu Reeves liked the project very much, he asked if he wanted to be more involved and if it was possible to increase his role. This was incredible news for CD Projekt, the game’s producer. Keunu Reeves liked the project and said he wanted to get more involved.

Thus, since CD Projekt does not want to lose such a chance and marketing opportunity, it has handled the whole story from the beginning to include more of Jhonny Silverhand, played by Keunu Reeves. Even in its final form, the CD Projekt, which barely reached the calendar, was delayed in the calendar with the intervention of the epidemic, and such a job emerged when it could not postpone the game any more due to public pressure.

Night City Days

Night City Days

CD Projekt, which does not use any anti-piracy software such as DRM, the popular pirate protection system of recent years, gave a stance to the gamers with the idea that if the game is good, people will pay. Since he did not want to lose his market share on any platform, he designed Cyberpunk 2077 to fit all consoles and computers, but only the computer version was relatively good – which still had minor problems – so it provides a smooth gaming experience within a few months with the patches it receives after the game release. has become.

So should we buy it?


Although Cyberpunk 2077 is an open world game, it has a detailed structure that carries cyberpunk elements in a qualified way, from the complex neighborhoods with multi-storey buildings, prosperous districts where all kinds of illegal activities are held, from gang-controlled areas to company-controlled areas.

The story of the game is a voluminous and enjoyable scenario with side missions that slowly embrace you, although it is difficult to get into it at the beginning, but I think it could be philosophically more profound for an RPG game. Serious philosophical discussions could arise, especially when dealing with the transference of one mind to another living body. Is the ship still the same ship, even if all parts are replaced by the same, as in the Thesus’ Ship paradox? Answers to the question could be produced from the human body and mind.

As for mistakes, I’m not as angry as everyone else is. Yes, the ads and in-game videos may have increased the expectation, but I have been playing games since 99. I’ve done tons of games in 360p resolution before. I walked around bugs for years. These problems are picked up by a few more updates at the most. In recent years, gamers are more impatient than before, especially with the language brought by Twitter, and perhaps more chimney. Therefore, of course, the solutions should come quickly, but I think the game is quite good even as it came out.


If you put the zoom option on the navigation screen, it would be great. It is difficult to follow the road while driving fast. We see the turns at the last moment. Also, I think the automatic driving mode would be an inconsistent use with the Cyberpunk universe as in Watcg Dogs Legion.


I think the cinema industry and the gaming industry are merging with each other. Creating a quality game right now is a very difficult task in terms of both time, money and team building, just like when the cinema first appeared. I hope that in the future these technologies will get cheaper and easier, and good games like movies come out one after another.

While cloud gaming is Stadia and Geforce Now, I hope it will develop with the internet infrastructure of our countries and we will hang around like watching movies from Netflix in the future.


Cyberpunk 2077 Review
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Briefly My Opinion

I am not a Playstation user, I don’t know the situation there, but the computer version of Cyberpunk 2077 is really nice, I think  no need to hit the ground.

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