Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes From Liberty City Review

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In this article, we will examine the Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City expansion pack, now sold as GTA IV Complete Edition, and its two stories, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

I used to write game reviews on Maiotik before. Those who follow there or here know that I am a big open world fan. I’ve played most of the open world games on the market, from the worst to the best.

Episodes From Liberty City is now available as GTA IV Complete Edition.

Episodes From Liberty City is now available as GTA IV Complete Edition.

There aren’t many open world games left that I haven’t played. I started browsing old games and settled on GTA IV‘s two-story expansion pack, released under the name Episodes From Liberty City.

As I am going to experience a story set in the GTA IV universe years later, I happily downloaded the version that is now sold as “GTA IV Complete Edition” and not “Episodes From Liberty City” (it’s enough to have the Complete Edition to play the story packs. Note that you don’t need to buy GTA IV).

I will make the review for both stories separately, but I think it is appropriate to talk about the gameplay and atmosphere in general. First of all, I felt that I really missed the GTA universe. It is really another feeling to experience those amazing stories in the open world of GTA. Rockstar is still not very quick because of make money from GTA V, but while playing GTA IV, I felt like I was looking forward to a new GTA. If Rockstar is going to take it that hard, let them open the source codes of their old games or give them at affordable prices, let them develop and sell new story packages on people to boutique game companies. Let’s not stay without GTA, if possible.

GTA Episodes From Liberty City

GTA Episodes From Liberty City

One of the best things about playing GTA IV after years is playing ultra settings, which we couldn’t get to ultra because of lack of money, even with an entry-level computer, dear reader. There are sudden FPS drops, slow animations, late-loading building skins, as they rarely become chronic, but they do not adversely affect the game experience.

In The Lost and Damned, we witness the story of a biker gang.

In The Lost and Damned, we witness the story of a biker gang.

One of the other things that caught my attention is that it is easier to get rid of the cops in Episodes From Liberty City than in GTA IV. Or we’ve grown up and it’s easy now, but I don’t know. I had such an impression. Also, it is not possible to work as a taxi driver or a police officer in Episodes From Liberty City.

Let’s come to the two beautiful stories that Episodes From Liberty City has to offer. First of all, let’s say that the main story of GTA IV and the two stories in Episodes From Liberty City touch each other, just like in Sevgi Soysal‘s novel, A Lunch Time in Yenişehir, they close each other’s exposed sides and present a separate and holistic city story. . Thus, an enormous atmosphere was created in which the gangs in the city touched each other from edge to edge.

In both stories, we meet both Niko Bellic, who came to America to live the American dream, and Roman Bellic, his dishonest taxi driver cousin. In fact, the scene in Roman Bellic’s story The Ballad of Gay Tony trying to enter a nightclub made me smile.

The Lost And Damned

The Lost And Damned is a story like old American movies. We witness the life of a biker gang in the game. The story begins when Billy, the leader of the biker gang called The Lost, comes out of prison and gets involved in all illegal business, including drugs, bullying different gangs as if he were crazy. Our main character, Jhonny, whom we will direct throughout the story, tried to keep Billy from having difficulties while he was inside, but distanced himself from Billy because of his attitude when he went out, but he is a respected name in the gang.

In addition, there is a bar in the game where the gang hangs out and I don’t even mind going inside, and he was literally shouting “Burn me”. In the end, we burned well, and I already relaxed the bar. It was good.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

If you ask me, this is the best story of Episodes From Liberty City. In The Ballad of Gay Tony, which has a more lively and dynamic narrative than the other story, we experience the events of a nightclub owner gay boss, a member of Luis, who went to jail for punishing those who abused his 17-year-old sister.

Of course, our story also has an individual side, and Luis’s story gets deeper and deeper, but in the many Helicopter episodes, one thinks that Luis should have a past where he learned to drive a helicopter, at least with a short character background in a dialogue, this problem can be solved.

The Ballad Of Gay Tony offers a more lively and entertaining story experience.

The Ballad Of Gay Tony offers a more lively and entertaining story experience.

Yes, there is a helicopter section. However, this is not like the cursed helicopter episodes in GTA Vice City. These are the sections that can be passed in a few tries at most.

Gta IV Epısodes From Liberty City Overview

Rockstar is one of the most respected companies in the gaming world, despite the rumors about working under heavy conditions and similar rumors. The stories of the games released by this billion-dollar company are always amazing. In fact, the basic system is the same in many of his stories. Start your way under a man! Be a loyal man! See your own account! Grow and rise! It is possible to see the same thing in all GTA series and RDR series. I think this scenario system is pretty good. It both facilitates the player’s identification and relieves stress.

Gameplay footage from The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Gameplay footage from The Ballad of Gay Tony.

However, in general, although The Ballad of Gay Tony seems more lively, I saw that there were almost no cars or people even in the most lively and lively areas of the city. In both games, the environment seemed rather lifeless and non-interactive to me. Maybe because I played years later and looked at it with today’s eyes, I felt like this because our expectations from the games are different now, but the environment really felt lifeless to me. Maybe it’s a conscious choice. I do not know.

Take care, dear reader, until we meet at the next review.


Grand Theft Auto 4 Episodes From Liberty City Review
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Briefly My Opinion

A great two-story expansion pack that I think GTA lovers should definitely go back and experience. The price may be expensive compared to an old game, but I don’t criticize it too much because it has two stories and offers the opportunity to re-live the GTA universe.

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