Far Cry 6 Review

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In this article, we will examine Far Cry 6, the last member of the Far Cry series released by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft, the hell of the game world, is one of the rare companies that can produce open world big games every year, it brings games to the market at affordable prices even with these dollar rates, but it still cannot convince itself to love the players.

Players often accuse Ubisoft of making the same games every year and not innovating. Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Watch Dogs and Tom Clancy series, which are built on similar open world concepts, show that this criticism is not unfounded. But let’s ask ourselves, will we be able to play such big games every new year without Ubisoft?

One of the Far Cry 6 posters

One of the Far Cry 6 posters

Of course, I would also like Ubisoft to add innovations to its games not only for development, but also for making the game more immersive. However, as I have told here many times before, I think that computer games are a storytelling tool aside from competitive online games, and in fact, experiencing hundreds of different stories set in the same universe makes me as happy as encountering a new game. That’s why I follow the expansion packs that change the story of the same games with interest.

Therefore, I also enjoy playing the games that Ubisoft is accused of duplicating. The important thing for me is to experience the story. I would also like to get my hard earned money’s worth with long play times. I feel grateful to Ubisoft when I think that very few big games are out in such an expensive industry. Now let’s take a closer look at Far Cry 6.

The Story of Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6, like other Far Cry games, is about a revolutionary story, as we will not be surprised. We start the story as an orphan child. This time, the game manages to take you into the story quickly with its first scene. As a guerrilla, we give an identity to a revolution whose ground has been prepared and realize our destiny to become the hero of the revolution.

The game takes place in a country with a tropical climate called Yara. The dictator who runs the country says he dreams of turning Yara back into a paradise by selling drugs he claims to cure cancer. However, he hides from the public that the production of these drugs poisons thousands of poor Yara citizens. Those who make noise are also facing the sharp measures of the totalitarian regime.

A cinematic scene from gameplay

A cinematic scene from gameplay

In such an environment, our character connects with Libertad and other organizations and moves forward to realize the liberation of Yara. The extensive story of the game pleased me immensely. It also promises a long playing time. It’s also a layered and really more grounded story than other Far Cry games.

Far Cry 6, like the other games in the series, progresses by eliminating key men from region to region. So we organize our resistance from region to region, eliminate key characters and move forward until finally confronting the dictator.

Positive Sides

  • The game manages to get you into the story with its first scene very well. I don’t think there is a Far Cry game that does this better. It has a cinematic, fast and beautiful introduction.
  • Ubisoft has been criticized for releasing the same game, but a plus is that you don’t encounter any technical errors anymore because the same game engine and the same techniques are used. I would like to point out that I did not experience a single FPS drop with the GTX 1050 graphics card. The game is technically very successful.
  • There are small and smiling details built into the game. For example, when our character encounters a familiar song while driving, he starts humming it and sometimes when he gets out of the car, this humming continues for a while. Then the man we called to bring the car sometimes told us, “This scratch was there before I drove it.” He can make small jokes. These keep the progress of the game from being mechanical. Although they seem small, they make a great contribution to the atmosphere.
  • Ubisoft could not adjust the driving mechanics in open world games very successfully, except for Watch Dogs. In this at least they put a little bit on the previous ones. Driving is not a torture, there are even moments of pleasure. You can even ride a horse, which is not bad.
  • The drops falling from the sky are placed on a more logical basis.
  • Maybe the story doesn’t follow our choices and therefore isn’t very interactive, but it has more character than a classic cardboard American hero. There are even scenes where he gets emotional and shows off antihero traits.
  • It has a long playtime. Even if you play day and night, it will keep you busy for at least a week.

Negative Sides

  • There is normally a first-person camera in the game, but only in our own campsites this camera switches to third-person. It’s been an interesting experiment.
  • We have cheerleaders, that is, animals added to the game. You have to do small quests to add these animals to your gang and take advantage of them. I found it funny but unnecessary. I’ve never used.
  • I only used Supremo, one of the surreal weapons developed to make the game fun. Others seemed to me as if they were diluting the flow of the story.
  • No major improvements. However, I was happy not to encounter any surprises.
  • Although there is no gap in the Scenario in general, I was surprised that the comrade next to us smoked from a distance, while we were only watching the camp from afar, as in the image you see below.
A character who smoked before infiltrating the camp.

A character who smoked before infiltrating the camp.

The same problem existed in Call of Duty. Captain Price was smoking at the battle zone. A little care please.

General Evaluation

In summary, Far Cry 6 is one of the best Far Cry games to date if you ask me. Although the players do not like Ubisoft very much, I am satisfied with them because it offers me such a good playing time these days.

Prices are not too high either. I would say that anyone who likes open world and FPS can enjoy it.

Viva la Libertad!




Far Cry 6 Review
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One of the best Far Cry games that gives its money’s worth with its grounded story and long gameplay.

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