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We will examine the High on Life game released in 2022 by Squanch Games, founded by Justin Roiland, one of the producers of Rick and Morty.

a Teaser Image From High on Life

a Teaser Image From High on Life

New game from the makers of Rick and Morty! I was a little sad at first when we started seeing the news. We were tired of the jobs that offered the most average quality experience by making the games of the hit series and the series of the games, which also took care of the last money in our pocket. However, this game surprised us a little, dear reader. As you know, Justin Roiland is not only one of the producers of Rick and Morty, but also the artist who gives life to the voices of the main characters Rick and Morty.

a Photograph of Justin Roiland

a Photograph of Justin Roiland

This voiceover is such a voice-over that Rick’s burping speeches and Morty’s insecure answers have become the prominent feature of the series, taking it one step higher.

Rick and Morty has already taken its unforgettable place among adult animated series.

Rick and Morty has already taken its unforgettable place among adult animated series.

Justin Roiland is a complete artist with the screenplays he wrote, the episodes he directed, the actors his voice brought to life and the areas he invested money in. Squanch Games is a game company he founded in 2016. Therefore, it is normal that the game promises a really fun experience.

The Story of High On Life

High on Life revolves around a bizarre sci-fi theme in which people are killed by being smoked alive as a narcotic by other alien races. As the only savior in the atmosphere of this FPS-type game, we have a gun in his hand, voiced by Justin Roiland.

High on Life Footage from Gameplay

High on Life Footage from Gameplay

Starting with a quick introduction, the game continues as we become a bounty hunter, gain experience, and try to eliminate the G3 cartel, responsible for the consumption and trafficking of people as drugs.

General Review of High On Life

I am a person who is used to playing serious games. I like fun and fast series like Rick and Morty, but serious and big narratives about the game always attract my attention more. For this reason, although the game actually starts quite fast and offers a really nice atmosphere, it took time for me to get used to the universe of the game for the first couple of hours.

However, during this warm-up, there were moments that made me smile quite a bit with the Rick and Morty-like jokes and the conversation of my gun with Morty’s voice. It was these dialogues that motivated me to play the game when I couldn’t warm up yet. Then the story began to wrap and grow. I found myself in a very nice experience where there are incredibly fast and fun conflicts and the controls are not difficult at all despite all this chaos.

“Let me try to explain it without any spoiler. Our encounter with an annoying kid at the beginning of the game and our decision about him is a great clue to really understand what kind of business you are dealing with.”

It is a very difficult task to encounter an FPS of this quality, whose main element is humor and entertainment. But beyond that, this game is not being politically correct, my friends. It is very important to come out and do business with this courage in the European and American media, where the sentiment is out of whack and the narrative loses its authenticity. I must also say that apart from its fun nature, it also has a depressive and harsh side just like Rick and Morty.

These are the weapons we use in the game. Besides the conversations of the weapons, there are also interesting features based on platform elements.

These are the weapons we use in the game. Besides the conversations of the weapons, there are also interesting features based on platform elements.

In summary, our teenage sister’s behaviour, her boyfriend, the movies our bounty hunter mentor watched on TV, the events that our decisions caused on the planets, the alien characters that can only release gas, and a game worth playing with details that we did not think of, dear reader.

Note 1

The game is currently free to Gamepass subscribers, by the way. If you’re thinking about what to play, I think you should give it a shot. There is also another game called Trover Saves The Universe, released by Squanh Games in 2019. Those who play and have a passion can also check it out. 

Note 2

There was a time when Justin Roiland was accused of domestic violence. Adult Swim had parted ways with the ongoing court, but now I’ve searched and looked, dear reader, the case has fallen due to lack of evidence. These things are like this, they terminated a ton of contracts of Johnny Depp, look what happened, the man was innocent! The woman’s statement is of course essential, but populist decisions should not be made before the case is concluded.





High on Life Review
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Justin Roiland’s work worth playing with fast pace, weird story and funny dialogues.

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