It Takes Two Review

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We will examine It Takes Two, the great game that you have to play with a friend, not played alone.

I don’t like competitive games, whether online or offline, what’s the meaning of winning there are losing! I think. It makes me nervous to compete with my friends, even if it is a game. I’m not the competitive type, I don’t get greedy, but seeing those around me getting greedy, smug jokes make me uncomfortable.

That’s why I don’t like to play PES or FIFA against each other, for example. If we are going to sit with a friend, I would like to choose a team, let us both be on the same team and try to get a trophy. There will be many naive players like me that the number of games where you go on a joint adventure with your friend has increased. It Takes Two is just such a game where you are on the same team as your friend.

Story of It Takes Two

It Takes Two tells the story of a divorced husband and wife named Cody and May. This husband and wife one day explain their decision to their little girl. The little girl, on the other hand, wishes her mother and father to reconcile so sincerely that a book called Hekim, transforms Cody and May into a knitted baby and takes them on an adventurous journey.

The moment they find themselves transformed into a knitted doll.

The moment they find themselves transformed into a knitted doll.

It Takes Two is played with a split-screen like Hazelight Studios’ previous two-player game, A Way Out. It should be noted that in some parts of the screen, the screen falls on a single plan, thus making the camera and gameplay dynamic.

Each chapter of It Takes Two is a masterpiece in design.

Each chapter of It Takes Two is a masterpiece in design.

The game consists of episodes lasting an average of 2 hours. In each episode, a new weapon and a new gameplay dynamic are added to our characters. You can easily see that the makers have worked hard to make the game lively, from the design of each episode to the control scheme.

General Evaluation

The distributor of the game is Electronic Arts. We are used to Electronic Arts’ astronomical pricing strategy, but for this game, we see that Hazelight Studios persuaded Electronic Arts and made it accept a sales format where a friend can play for free with the purchase of one person.

The game is played by splitting the screen into two. However, sometimes the camera falls into a single plan.

The game is played by splitting the screen into two. However, sometimes the camera falls into a single plan.

It Takes Two is also very entertaining in terms of gameplay. The puzzles are not very easy or very difficult, but sometimes you may have to do some thinking. The incredibly successful atmosphere of the game makes the puzzles even more mysterious and brings the game one step closer to a unique work of art.

There are sections where you have to act in complete harmony with your friend in order to finish the game. In this way, you experience an adventure together with your friend, even if it is virtual, you act together to overcome the problems. Here we often include game news. As you know, an article was published on the fact that players who are successful in strategy games have successful managerial careers in real life. The same can be said for this game. It would not be wrong to say that the relationship of friends or lovers, who play the game together without getting angry with each other, will be fun and long-lasting in real life.

However, it should be noted that the game does not allow you to chat for a long time with each other outside the game, like other simple competitive games. You encounter a problem that you will constantly focus on and you have to examine it. I don’t know if this is good or bad. As if it could be a little more flexible.

Cody and May try to survive an explosion.

Cody and May try to survive an explosion.


The most important thing I’ve learned up to this age is that long-term friendships also have to do with the similarity of interests. The same is with the acceleration of the friendship-building process. For example, let’s imagine two people who love Orhan Pamuk. This joint reading can add a long-term lived experience to two people and make them become more intimate more quickly.

It Takes Two is such a game. By playing the game, you add a virtual experience and a lived adventure to your friendship. You are creating a pleasant memory during this pandemic period when you cannot see each other because of the conditions.

We mostly emphasized friends, but if you wish, you can play with your lover. In fact, I think it would be more fun to play the game like this.

There are no disturbing scenes of violence, complex dialogue, a brand new open world to learn, or bad weapons. This is It Takes Two, a fun game that I highly recommend you play.,


We said there is no disturbing violence scene, but let me try to explain without losing your excitement. There is a moment when we drag a stuffed elephant’s ear off. It does not contain any elements of violence in the visual sense, but it is quite psycho. You’ll get it when you play.


It Takes Two Review
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Briefly My Opinion

It’s an amazing game that should be played by anyone who doesn’t like competitive games and wants to experience an adventure as a team with a friend or girlfriend.

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