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We’ll be reviewing Mass Effect 3, the latest and greatest game in the core Mass Effect series developed by Bioware in 2012.

a Teaser Image from Mass Effect 3

a Teaser Image from Mass Effect 3

We wanted our name to be written on the streets, the biggest item title to be reserved for us in Meydan Larousse, we wanted to save our country, our world or our planet. If that doesn’t happen either, at least we wanted be a rockstar… If those don’t happen at least maybe famous professor, company boss, maybe someone who is only known in his own neighbourhood. Human wants to have a great destiny no matter what. To have a story that will make his life meaningful, whose purpose he cannot fully grasp.

Capitalism, for example, sells it well. The story of company bosses who went from scratch to scratch with their fingernails. But the reality is not like that. 97% of people die before they even reach the same socio-economic stratum as their father. People who go from scratch to the top with their fingernails are either not real, they already have acquaintances at the top or they are a big exception. We others struggle and struggle. This does not mean that our lives are meaningless. What we have been told is simply not true. An ordinary life is also very meaningful.

Of course, we are not the fatalists who will stop striving just because an ordinary life is also meaningful. We will try until we die, we will try to overcome our unfinished, sad luck. We will work to make future generations better, if not ourselves. However, we will at least experience an adventure filled with great destinies somewhere. That’s why we read books, watch TV shows and play games.

Some people don’t like games with big narratives. They get bored or find it unrealistic to save the planet and the fate of the world depends on them in every game, but for God’s sake, why are we playing games? Just swipe and swipe to smack each other or prove we’re superior to our other friend in an online game?

We’ve talked about it many times before on this blog. Man learns by playing, and ultimately everyone’s planet is himself, so we are the heroes of our own lives whose planet will be destroyed if we do nothing. There is no problem in saving the whole planet in some games.

The Story of the Mass Effect Series

The Mass Effect series is a series that progresses chronologically. So you have to start over from the beginning. Although the first game from 2005 may tire you out even with its remastered version, it is worth it to master the whole story and experience this adventure in the most perfect way.

In the Mass Effect series, we experience a science fiction story in which the fate of the planet depends on us. However, there is one feature that sets the Mass Effect series apart from all the science fiction I’ve ever read, played or watched. The creatures around which the world revolves in the future Mass Effect tells are not humans. As we explore the planet, we learn that there are dozens of different races ahead or behind us.

There is a political order established on the known planet. People are just getting into this system.

The Story of Mass Effect 1

Mass Effect 1 depicts humanity’s encounter with other creatures on the planet. The political authority between races, which is already in a very delicate balance, loses its balance with the arrival of people. There are long wars and it takes years for the waters to settle. But there is a great danger waiting for the planet. Thereupon, Shepard, a soldier with special powers that we play throughout the series, appears and tries to give people the respect they deserve on this planet.

The Story of Mass Effect 2

Shepard reveals that the great danger threatening the planet in Mass Effect 2 is much greater than political focus perceives. For this, he continues to work with an organization that puts people first and is considered illegal, instead of politicians who do not believe in himself. We players better understand the extent of the danger.

Mass Effect 2 is about finding crew members in a rebuilt version of our famous ship, the Normady, and expands and enlarges the main story.

The Story of Mass Effect 3

Everyone is now aware of the great synthetic danger that threatens the planet in Mass Effect 3. Earth is under attack, the planet is helpless.

A great commander tasked with gathering the planetary alliance, ending the divisions, ending the debates that have been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, and forcing many races to fight together: Shepard.

a Gameplay Footage from Mass Effect 3

a Gameplay Footage from Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 is about a great war. Everywhere we go on the planet, we see the scars of this war. It is possible to see the destructiveness and reality of war everywhere, with internal turmoil, enemy-supported organizations, the refugee problem, political maneuvers. One ship, a handful of crew members, and we will get through this and lead our alliance with the entire planet.

General Review of Mass Effect 3

First of all, I have to say that I really enjoyed playing Mass Effect 3 today. Although it is a game released in 2012, it has contemporary game mechanics. You know, the biggest problem of the game industry is that games get old in a short time. For this, versions such as remake or remastered are being released for big games for now, but it is not a sustainable method. Maybe somewhere the technological limits of the game world will be reached and there will be only graphical differences or artificial intelligence game engines that update their mechanics will be produced, but this is the case for now.

These are the great dangers we have to deal with in Mass Effect 3.

These are the great dangers we have to deal with in Mass Effect 3.

As far as I can see, when we draw a ten-eleven-year line from today, it is possible to enjoy playing all the games released during this period, but when you go back further, problems begin. For example, Mass Effect 1 was a very challenging experience for me. In Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, you can feel the technological developments, but still, you couldn’t get the smooth gameplay experience despite the remastered version of Electronic Arts. It played a good story, but not like today’s games. Mass Effect 3 has really smooth gameplay. And this makes the game, which has already surpassed it in terms of atmosphere, almost perfect.

Mass Effect 3 does not have the confusion of direction, which we have experienced in previous games. We can get the GPS signal showing where we are going with one click, and now it’s easier to read maps.

There are many characters from different races and some from previous games in the game, and since we know these characters from previous games, it is easy to identify with them. On the other hand, their own stories are also handled with great depth. I’ve read so many sci-fi novels, I don’t remember encountering so many layered and deep side characters even there.

There really is a war in the game. This tempo is incredibly felt even at the lowest moments. The refugees, the people who had to be rescued, the despair, the things you overheard in the streets talking among themselves. It makes you feel the world flowing outside of you and that the main subject of this world is war.

We are running around the galaxy with our ship.

We are running around the galaxy with our ship.

As a leader, you also see that a rosy administration is not possible, although you try to adopt a humane and democratic attitude, the decisions you take make some people hostile towards you. This situation is handled tremendously in the game, not in an artificial way, but in a way that is very suitable for human reality and politically. There are moments when you have an assassination attempt and fail to catch the assassin. In other words, it is a great event to see that there are places where our character cannot be enough, even though he has heroic features.

A game like a novel in every respect, dear reader. Our enlightenments that some of your team members decide to sacrifice themselves and choose their own end after evaluating their whole life, misfortunes, pain, fateful situations, events that will create philosophical scientific problems that we think will be discussed in the next fifty years…

It looks like a great novel with its story and atmosphere. Mass Effect 3 is one of the rare jobs where I do almost all of the side missions. (See Cyberpunk 2077 and God of War for another.)


  • Story
  • Fiction
  • Atmosphere
  • Fluency
  • Gameplay

Briefly My Opinion

It’s a game like a novel. It’s like he’s reading a great science fiction novel. Despite the passing of years, the most magnificent atmosphere in the history of the game.

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