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We will examine Metro Exodus, the last game of the Metro series, adapted from the narrative of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

4A Games was originally a humble Ukrainian game company. In 2010, Metro 2033 was their first job to reach large audiences. Afterwards, they continued their success with the second game of the series, Metro Last Light, which was released in 2013, and even after a while, they made new additions by taking serious the wishes of the gamers while making a redux version of these two games, which gained the appreciation of the gamer.

In the game world, there are few game companies that both offer good story-oriented works and listen to the feedback of the gamers. Therefore, inevitably, the expectations for the next game of the Metro series have increased.

One of The Teaser Image of Metro Exodus

One of The Teaser Image of Metro Exodus

In 2019, we had the opportunity to see whether these expectations were met. Exactly 6 years after the second game, the new ring of the Metro series Metro Exodus said hello to the gamers.

The Story of Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus, like the other games in the series, progresses chronologically. In other words, the release dates of the games and the order play are the same. Especially in terms of the main game, the Metro series is not a series that goes backwards in the story or focuses on the stories of the side characters, and produces new narratives. Each game is a continuation of the previous game.

As you know, the previous two game, inspired by the literary work behind them, told the drama of a people who, after a great war, had to take shelter in the subways and live there because of nuclear weapons.

One of the Teaser Image of Metro 2033

One of the Teaser Image of Metro 2033

In the first game, Metro 2033, we were dealing with anomalies caused by radiation and a kind of mutant that threatens the future of humanity, dealing with gangs and enemy groups formed by our own kind of people.

One of the gameplay footage. Really look like a stunning artwork.

One of the gameplay footage. Really look like a stunning artwork.

In the second game, Metro Last light, on the one hand, we were dealing with the political conflicts of the metro, which is divided into states, on the one hand, we were surprised with a magnificent twist, and on the other hand, we were fighting the mutants that we encountered in the tunnels. The fate of the metro, the last stronghold of humanity, was in our hands.

Metro Exodus, on the other hand, expands the story in a completely different way. Artyom, whom we know from previous games and therefore have no difficulty in identifying with, is obsessed with the desire to find a livable place on earth other than the metro. Artyom, who did not give up on this desire despite the warnings of his wife Anna and Commander Miller, who is also our father-in-law.

Artyom, convinced his wife that he saw a train moving on the rails in his last expedition, and he definitely understood that there is another habitable place on earth. .

Gameplay Image from Metro Exodus

Gameplay Image from Metro Exodus

We learn that the war has not actually ended, that there are still livable places on earth, that the Russian government has closed people to the Metro, using big jammers to block radio waves and cut off communication with the world in order to gain in the war and make the whole world think that people in Moscow are dead.

It is understood that the main hero, Artyom, whom we manage in the game, disrupted this jammer and radio signals from all over the world reached the Metro, and people were made to believe a lie. It is inevitable that a death warrant will be issued about us. Commander Miller, our wife Anna, and other crew members steal a train from a trade association called HANSA to seek shelter, a place to live.

We’re picking up on the radio a signal of a bunker where people can live safely. Thinking that the government is rebuilding everything here, we set out for the bunker thousands of kilometers away, hoping to find bunker and be forgiven.

On the way, we set sail for an amazing adventure full of action, with the places where the railway broke down, the bridges we had to cross but were taken over by deviant organizations, the state archives we searched for new hopes, the gangs we negotiated to meet our fuel needs. We become a complete family with our team.

Metro Exodus General Evaluation

The Metro series is played from a first-person shooter; A game series with stealth, suspense, horror and action. The first two games offered a linear gameplay, since they started when open world games were not so popular. But the narrow subway tunnels, the goosebumps we experienced partly alone and partly with a companion, had a flow just right for the Metro tunnels. The atmosphere was so good that you didn’t even notice that the game had a linear progression. It suited the Metro tunnels, so this is the way of progress.

When it was announced that Metro Exodus would be open world, and many parts of it were said to take place on earth, people began to worry that the catastrophic metro experience they were used to would be negatively affected.

However, the work that emerged revealed that all of these concerns were unfounded.

A Photograph of Dimitry Glukhovsky Who Wrote Metro Novels

A Photograph of Dimitry Glukhovsky Who Wrote Metro Novels

The atmosphere of the game is above the first games. In a post-apocalyptic world with open world elements, there are places where you can explore around, and there are also catastrophic sections that go above the old Metro experience we went through in the bunkers…

As a province, the intro cinematic of the game is really impressive. The narrative also manages to envelop you at once. The game starts out fast and strikingly, not slowly like a classic novel. Since most of the characters are the ones we know from previous games, we have no difficulty in identifying. Gameplay mechanics, on the other hand, have progressed on top of the first game and are truly faultless. In this game, we can open our backpacks and produce something with the objects we collect from the environment.

At the end of the second game, we saw that Commander Miller’s legs were severed. In Metro Exodus, we see prosthetics on Commander Miller’s feet. This is one of the details that ensures the continuity of the plot and shows that the script is progressing without any errors and that the gamers is not being fooled. However, despite all these efforts, the character of Commander Miller still can’t get rid of being a cardboard character with his black or white attitude towards events, perhaps based on his soldier identity.

I think this is because there is no in-depth account of Miller’s past. Maybe a little bit of Miller’s past could be mentioned in the cutscenes. Or I don’t know if it was like this because a DLC was planned to be made about it.

The game takes place in four seasons over by a year. Seasons change the atmosphere of the game incredibly. Desert temperatures, storms, splendid landscapes brought by spring… The flow of the narrative also has a structure that fits the characteristics of these four seasons. Just like in Andre Maurois’s novel Climates, climates and their projections on the human soul are also beautifully reflected in the game. In addition, the atmosphere of the episodes where the summer season is experienced reminded me a bit of Mad Max.

Translating a literary narrative into a game is hard work. The game industry is a sector based on concrete life reality, similar to the cinema, and tells what it will tell with images, it is different from novel. Novels dominated by thoughts, inner speech, and emotions. The fact that there is a literary work behind the game increases the quality of the game. However, on the one hand, the length of some dialogues necessary to transfer the story to the game and the necessity of waiting without doing anything while these dialogues continue interrupt the flow of the game a little. It was in the first games too. Perhaps these dialogues could be set up while team members were climbing an elevator or exploring while walking down the street together.

Another drawback of the game is that the markings on the map do not work accurately, especially from the second half of the game. In some places I had to look at gameplay videos to find my destination. But still, this is not a situation that hinders the game experience and makes you angry. You’re just saying that’s what this game lacks.

The overall progression goes like in Last of Us. There are parts where you fight mutants and stretch you back, and there are also places where you clash with humans. However, although there is a literary work behind Metro Exodus, the reason for the emergence of mutants is not based on a realistic basis as in Last Of Us. Therefore, the existence of mutants is not handled in depth, although it is stated that anomalies and metamorphoses begin in some of the dialogues of the first two games.

This takes a toll on the persuasiveness of the story. Also, when I tried to open the map in the car, I saw that the camera angle was distorted. I encountered cinematics where the demand for ram increased, but apart from these, Metro Exodus took its place in my memory as a big and beautiful game that I was sad that it was really over, with its magnificent atmosphere and impressive and immersive story.


  • Story
  • Fiction
  • Atmosphere
  • Fluency
  • Gameplay

Briefly My Opinion

Metro Exodus… I think that especially post-apocalyptic scenario lovers or gamers who are fond of atmosphere should definitely play it.

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