Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC Review

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We will examine the story-driven expansion pack called Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC, which offers a short two-hour gameplay experience of Metro Exodus, released in 2019.

a Teaser Image from Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC

a Teaser Image from Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC

We also mentioned it while reviewing Jason Schreier‘s book Blood Sweat and Pixels. Obsidian’s CEO, Feargus Urquhart, likened game development to making a movie, but said that unlike cinema, you had to build a camera from scratch for every new game.

Starting a project from scratch and making a big game is really challenging. That’s why I want dozens of story-oriented DLCs with the same atmosphere and gameplay, as well as games that have already received great acclaim with their atmosphere and gameplay. Because stories are one of the biggest motivations that push people to play a game.

For example, would it be bad if Rockstar hadn’t stopped for years because I already made a lot of money from GTA 5 Online, but published new stories set in the GTA 5 universe? For example, the Episodes From Liberty City DLCs they made for GTA 4 before. It was pretty good.

an Image from Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC

an Image from Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC

That’s why it’s not unreasonable to make story-driven expansion packs for games that have a solid atmosphere and gameplay instead of a business that has started from scratch every time. Economically, I think it’s a profitable business because less budget and effort is spent compared to a brand new game.

I think 4A Games also released The Two Colonels DLC in the same year, and then Sam’s Story DLC in 2020 for Metro Exodus, which was released in 2019, for some reasons like this. The subject of this review is The Two Colonels, released in 2019

The Story of The Two Colonels DLC

If you remember, we said in the review of the Metro Exodus game, where we experience a universe where players have to live in metro tunnels and bunkers after a nuclear war, and where we are looking for a place to live, the Commander Miller character is a little cardboard and his past and thoughts are not given enough space to deepen it. We mentioned that this selection may be related to planning a DLC.

The Two Colonels chronicles the stories of Commander Miller and Colonel Khlebnikov. The story also touches the main game from one end. In the main game Metro Exodus, we were going to Novosibirsk, where the radiation level is incredibly high, so it is very difficult to survive, to find medicine for Anna.

Here we met a boy named Kirill, who had lost his mother and later his father, benefited from his help and learned about his striking past, which he talked about a little bit. Here, The Two Colonels DLC focuses on the story of Kirill’s father, Colonel Khlebnikov, as witnessed by Commander Miller.

Kirill's Photo

Kirill’s Photo

The game opens with Commander Miller’s speech. We learn that in the main game Metro Exodus, people were living in the Metro tunnels in Novosibirsk about a year before our way to Novosibirsk. 

However, due to the high level of radiation, they have to use drugs constantly. On the other hand, a kind of waste caused by mutants causes clogging of air filters and water channels. Kirill’s father, Colonel Khlebnikov, also regularly patrols with his team and cleans up this waste.

However, after a while, a problematic evacuation process is initiated due to the depletion of drug stocks and the difficulty in production. Colonel Khlebnikov is tasked with continuing the evacuation program, and we are again drawn into a gripping and cinematic adventure full of spectacular twists.

Commander Miller from in-game

Commander Miller from in-game

The game takes place where and when there is a Commander Miller, and where there is a Colonel Khlebnikov, but we play mostly Colonel Khlebnikov.

Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels DLC Overview

In the game where the two commanders find their identities through bitter experiences, there is no obligation to constantly take off the gas mask and follow the remaining filter time. This made me happy. Although this gas mask incident served the story in the main game, it also interrupted the flow of the game at some point.

On the other hand, it is an incredibly enjoyable experience to use the flamethrower we first got in our hands to incinerate a kind of waste caused by mutants.

The Flamethrower We're Talking About

The Flamethrower We’re Talking About

The story moves from a present to a past. This is a challenging experience for the author in terms of writing a coherent story. But they did this job well. In addition, although the game only offers a two-hour experience, the level of tension seems to surpass the main game Metro Exodus in some parts.

That Bar Built From the Metro So Beatiful

That Bar Built From the Metro So Beatiful

In addition, the places in the game are designed in detail and completely. People talk about everyday matters together no matter what, they joke around, there are attendants cleaning floors, bartenders serving drinks. You also feel that a life is flowing apart from you. You can interact with the people you approach. In this way, it is easier for you to find yourself in that world.


Metro Exodus The Two Colonels DLC Review
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In general, we think that everyone who loves the Metro series should definitely play The Two Colonels DLC, which is sold at an affordable price.

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