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Coming after the first game, adapted from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033, Metro Last Light offers an alternative story unlike the sequel.

One of the Teaser Image of Metro Last Light

One of the Teaser Image of Metro Last Light

Our age is an age that tells what it tells based on images, even though there is a written culture behind it. Gürsel Korat, in The Structure of Fiction, calls this age, which comes after written culture, as visual culture, just as there is oral culture before written culture, because it is based on the visual. We’re not dealing with whether it’s wrong or right. This is the reality of the age we live in.

The rise of cinema and video games is also related to this visual culture. Even the literary structures produced now need to be constructed in accordance with this visual language. Just as the discovery of perspective influenced literary works from point of view to the type of narrator, the evolution of image-based culture today deeply affects our narratives.

One of the best examples of this is Dmitry Glukhovsky’s post-apocalyptic narrative series Metro, in which humanity is forced to live in Metro tunnels after nuclear war. The language of the book has a language that appeals to the senses and can be easily transferred to the image in accordance with the characteristics of the age. In this way, the atmosphere of the novel achieves an incredible success.

Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro series

Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro series

Chances are, a seemingly humble game company called 4A Games takes this novel and turns it into a great video game with great success because it’s already in its nature. Metro 2033, the first game of the series, is released.

One of the Teaser Image of Metro 2033

One of the Teaser Image of Metro 2033

Metro 2033 was about people who had to live in subway tunnels due to radiation after the nuclear war. We were trying to eliminate a danger that threatens the human race by dealing with the conflicts between the political authorities in the structure of the separated city-state, as well as the mutants that have changed and the anomalies that arise in humans.

The Story of Metro Last Light

Metro Last Light, on the other hand, appears as a game that progresses chronologically, thus telling what happened after Metro 2033. We see that the threat that we thought we eliminated in the first game has not completely disappeared. For this we embark on a journey through the Metro tunnels full of mutants and gangs.

What the story of Metro Last Light focuses more on: The city-states at the stations are dragged into a civil war that could bring about the end of humanity. We are trying to prevent this war throughout the game. As in the first game, we have companions accompanying us from time to time, and from time to time we are left alone. This balance is wonderful.

General Review of Metro Last Light

It should be noted that Metro Last Light has officially stepped up in terms of graphics and visual experience in three years, compared to the first game Metro 2033. For this reason, the work, which is already incredibly successful in terms of atmosphere, looks incredibly nice at the stations where Venice and similar city-states are located.

Metro Last Light Review - A Image from Venice Station

Although the game is not an open world, you feel that there is a separate life from you at these stations. There are people sweeping the floor, men playing shadow games to entertain children, women smoking… These people don’t look like props. You feel the place is alive.

The design of the sections in this game where we can go secretly is obviously more and very enjoyable compared to the first game Metro 2033.

One of the gameplay footage. Really look like a stunning artwork.

One of the gameplay footage. Really look like a stunning artwork.

Let’s add that it is not the same as the sequel as the narrative, but tells an alternative story even though it was written by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Except for a couple of chance encounters, the narrative has no glitches. Especially the twist in the middle of the game really surprised me.

Throughout the game, you come across Dmitry Glukhovsky’s other novels. This is more than a salute to the author. Because it is very natural that a fiction similar to what people experience is so popular in the Metro tunnels.

In a previous review of Mass Effect, we stated that in order to play legendary games without disrupting the gameplay experience and without enduring the log-like movements of the characters, we should either draw a ten-year line from today and not play the previous games, or wait for remakes… Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light narrowly fit this decade’s line. In fact, the Redux versions that came out a few years later were even better. Therefore, even today, I think it will be a real pleasure for you to open and play.


Metro Last Light Review
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Briefly My Opinion

Metro Last Light tells the events after Metro 2033 and presents a truly enjoyable experience, especially for those who love post-apocalyptic scenarios and suspense.

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