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We’ve reviewed Overcooked before on reviewsofgame.com. Now we are reviewing Overcooked 2, the second game of Overcooked released in 2018.

It all started when Phil Duncan and Oli de Vine left Frontier and started their own company. They called their company Ghost Town Games. The company’s first game, Overcooked, achieved huge sales figures with its simple but chaotic and fun game experience, and won the British Academy Game Award in 2006 when it was released. This paved the way for the company to create new projects in the gaming industry..

Overcooked 2 Teaser Image

Overcooked 2 Teaser Image

Overcooked is basically a cooking game. But it is not that simple. There are mixed orders, services that need to be delivered on time, dishes that need to be washed. All of a sudden, a serious mess ensues. Ask your spouse, “Where are the lettuces, lettuce!” You start shouting.

Orders you miss by a second, meat on fire, kitchens on fire… You are faced with a fun, stressful and unforgettable experience.

Gameplay Image from Overcook 2

Gameplay Image from Overcook 2

After fourteen years since the first game was so popular, Ghost Town Games this time partnered with British game developer and distributor Team17, and rolled up its sleeves for Overcooked 2. The second game appeared in 2018.

It should be noted that although it does allow solo play, Overcooked was first and foremost a game for at least two players. It allowed you to spend unforgettable evenings with your friends at the same computer or game console.

In Overcooked 2, they took this a little further. In the first game, you can only play the game locally with up to four people at the same computer or the same console, this time it can be played online with your friends or against opponents you do not know.

It’s good, but if you don’t do a score-based food breeding competition in online matches and try to finish a level together, it is impossible to get the same taste. No matter what, this game is a game that you can play by talking to your partner, friend, family. It’s no coincidence that the game won the “Best Family Game” award at the 2018 Game Awards held in Los Angeles.

The graphics now look really pleasing to the eye.

The graphics now look really pleasing to the eye.

What Innovations Does Overcooked 2 Come With?

When we look at Overcooked 2, the first thing that catches our eye is, of course, the improved graphics compared to the first game.

On the gameplay side, there are many innovations. First of all, we can now throw the materials we have at our friend. It should be noted that some parts are really life-saving.

Secondly, his story is a little more grounded, but still lacking depth and unnecessary. There is no need for such a story in this game, it does nothing but frustrate.

Third, there are ramps that we have to open in order to progress through the levels, which is a pointless addition that does not serve the game at all. But apart from that, there are new recipes added, cakes that we have to mix in the dough machine and put in the pan. The game has become as fun as the first game, maybe even more than that.

In Overcooked 2, as in the first game, the screen can sometimes become chaotic. You can see that you are running around with the plate while you think I have the tomato in my hand. But I think it’s a nice glitch that makes this game even more fun. It’s good that they didn’t touch it.

The dose of action and stress increased even more. So much so that there are sections that you need to play without mistakes in order to get two stars or three stars.

Overcooked 2 Gourmet Edition, where Overcooked 2 DLCs are collected in one package

Overcooked 2 Gourmet Edition, where Overcooked 2 DLCs are collected in one package

Overcooked 2 DLCs

Yes, the game time is shorter than the first game, but it has a solution. Overcooked solved this by releasing four more DLC packs after the main game. There are four DLC packs called Surf and Turf, Campfire Cook Off, Night of the Hangry Horde and Carnival Chaos. These packs were eventually gathered together in a single collection under the name of Overcooked 2 Gourmet Edition.

Therefore, I recommend the fans of the first game to buy the collection with all the DLCs if they are going to buy it. Thus, you will make a more logical purchase in terms of price and performance, and you will enjoy the game to the fullest.

While the main game is 45 levels, it goes up to 130 levels with these DLCs. Therefore, I think that a comfortable 40 hours of gaming experience can be achieved.

Overcooked 2 System Requirements

The game is out on almost every platform. It’s even on Nintendo, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Mac Os, Windows and Amazon Luna.

It is very difficult for a game developer to release games on so many platforms, but it is the right investment for a game that will not get old for years and to be played with friends.

You know in consoles, there is no system requirement, it just pops up. The same goes for Mac Os, you just need to have a version of Sierra or higher. There are very modest system requirements to open the game on Windows computers.

The minimum system specs required to open the game are:

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: İntel İ3 / AMD A8
  • Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 630 / Radeon HD 6570
  • Ram: 4 GB
  • Hard disk: 3 GB

From Which Game Should I Start Playing Overcooked?

On the Internet, it is often written that it is necessary to start from the first game. The second game is said to be relatively difficult. I wrote similar things in the review of the previous game. It makes sense to get used to the gameplay and move on to Overcooked 2, but contrary to what has been said, we did not find the second game more difficult. Yes, the dose of stress has increased, but maybe because we really got used to it, we didn’t have much difficulty even in the final part (we passed easily on the second try).

We mentioned it in the review of the previous game. There is a review for both games written by a former chef who has worked in large kitchens. I suggest you look at it too.





Overcooked 2 Review
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It is a simple but qualified and fun game where you try to fulfill the food orders in the same kitchen with your friends.

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