Sackboy A Big Adventure Review

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In this review, we will examine the new adventure of Sackboy, which we know from The Little Big Planet series. We will review the Sackboy A Big Adventure game.

While I refrain from repeating myself, let me repeat for those who read our blog for the first time: Video games have remained personal experiences for me for a very long time. In other words, apart from today’s popular behavior, I played games that I experienced stories alone, away from real people, rather than competitive games played with real people.

Sackboy A Big Adventure Cover Image

Sackboy A Big Adventure Cover Image

I still don’t like and enjoy playing competitive games because they fuel people’s greed. However, thanks to our brother Josef Fares, great games such as A Way Out or It Takes Two, where I can at least experience a story with people, have started to come out and I enjoy playing them. I feel that with the experience it had, it deepened my relationship with my friends. This is how I started Sackboy A Big Adventure game.

Story Of Sackboy A Big Adventure

While everything is going great in Artworld, where the Sack race lives, with the attack of Vex, who feeds on fear and confusion, the Sacks are caught and forced to work in a factory that produces chaos. Only our little Sackboy can escape this attack, and he sets sail on an adventure set in five different universes with different atmospheres to save the other Sacks.

Sack is a character that Playstation fans know from The Little Big Planet series. The Little Big Planet received very good review points for promising a unique experience in its first days. However, I did not play The Little Big Planets first and then Sackboy A Big Adventure as it is supposed to write a review. I started Sackboy A Big Adventure, which came out directly after the series. Because if you want to witness a story from the beginning to the end in the game world, things start to get difficult.

We say that for the novel, the reader should face the text naked. If possible, we should face the text directly without even reading the preface. Thus, the reader will take the responsibility of thinking himself and will begin the narrative without being influenced.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, especially in serial games. If you want to witness the story from the beginning to the end, you first do research to find out in what order the series should be played. You’re getting a lot of spoilers in this research. Then you get the basic information to understand the universe in which the game takes place… Yes, a learning process is a must in order to enjoy something in life, but sometimes this turns into something very wearisome.

Game companies almost no longer create new stories or games in order not to take risks and spend too much energy. They continue the existing series. Even if there is a new player who has never experienced that series, he has to play the whole series in order to investigate the details of these series and say a few words.

As a player who enjoys playing the Story DLCs of the same game, I am not against it. Of course, the series must continue, but a few unique works must also be published. Or the serial games should be played separately from each other and the story should be followed. For the platform genre Sackboy A Big Adventure, there is no such problem. For this reason, I did not tire myself for The Little Big Planets for a long time and started directly on Sackboy A Big Adventure.

General Evaluation

One of the promotional images designed for Sackboy A Big Adventure.

One of the promotional images designed for Sackboy A Big Adventure.

If we look at the game in general, it should be noted that the story of the game is not gripping enough. Although we are playing a platform game, I wish the story was more dramatic and connected to the game. So I could have a greater motivation while searching for the orbs while completing the small puzzles in the game.

A moment when you can use the Jetpack that was given specifically to that episode from the game.

A moment when you can use the Jetpack that was given specifically to that episode from the game.

The game is, of course, nice when you play it with a friend. You can play the game both online and on the same Playstation with two joysticks. Some departments are designed to require collaboration. However, despite its high scores, it must be said that among the games in which we experience the story of two people, there are no parts that require mutual balance and fit the story as in A Takes Two.

An image of one of the universes in game.

An image of one of the universes in-game.

In some parts of the game, we get new features that we can interact with objects. This is good in terms of adding dynamism to the gameplay, but the balance of difficulty between some universes is quite different. It would be nice if this was more balanced. I played with my wife and she has the same opinion about it.

On the other hand, if you play the game with a friend, you notice that your friend does not appear in some of the cutscenes. This causes disruption of the holistic experience of the game. I wish they had reflected the second player, who appeared in some cutscenes and did not appear on the screen, more accurately. Thus, the second player playing the game could integrate with his character more easily.

Speaking of characters, I would like to say that there are many clothes and objects in the game and you can customize your character by acquiring all of them. However, doing this too often negatively affects the identification you have with your character. Therefore, although The Little Big Planet series and Sackboy have developed their unique features that were highly praised at the time of their release, they are no longer sufficient for two-player games to be played in the new decade, at least for me.

Unlike the big publishers, I don’t rate the game that high.


Sackboy A Big Adventure Review
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Briefly My Opinion

In the absence of the game, it’s a nice game to play with your partner without too much stress, but it’s not as perfect as the big publishers say. 

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