Sniper Elite 5 Review

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We will examine Sniper Elite 5, the latest game in the series developed by Rebellion. The atmosphere in which this game, which takes place in France, is set, is also in the II. World War.

I’ve always been, I like action games that have slow motion, and the story is digesting. This is perhaps the opposite of the “action” genre. Maybe it is necessary to expect speed from such games, but I think the opposite. For this reason, I also love games such as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon‘s Wild Lands or Breakpoint, where I examine a outpost for a long time and look for clues about where to enter, go out with my rifle to a place that overlooks the outpost, and try to clean the entire outpost from afar, and complete the levels without getting dirty.

A teaser image from Sniper Elite 5

A teaser image from Sniper Elite 5

That’s why I’m interested in Sniper games. First of all, let’s know this. When we say Sniper, we come across two game series. Sniper Elite series, one of which was developed by Rebellion and has managed to sell more than 20 million copies with nearly 10 games released since 2005. The other is the Sniper: Ghost Warrior series, which was developed by City Interactive and was released in 2008 as Sniper: Art of Victory, but later continued as Sniper Ghost Warrior by different companies and has managed to sell more than 11 million copies only since its release as Sniper Ghost Warrior.

The game we will examine in this content is a game belonging to the Sniper Elite series developed by Rebellion. Sniper Elite 5.

Story Of Sniper Elite 5

The game is just like the previous game, in the years of the second world war, we are progressing with the aim of hitting a secret project. In the game, we are a sniper who chose the side of the allied states in the war, despite being of German origin.

Our man in the game (his sweater is really nice)

Our man in the game (his sweater is really nice)

When things go wrong in the operation we were assigned to protect an assault team, we suddenly find ourselves stuck behind the line. However, we disable many weapons with our superior abilities and encounter the French revolutionaries and learn about a secret Nazi project called Kraken.

In the next part of the game, we try to learn the purpose of the Kraken project, and after being aware of the break it will create in world history, we fight to destroy the Kraken project.

General Evaluation Sniper Elite 5

The game has nine chapters and nine maps designed according to the progression of the story.

Episodes of Sniper Elite 5

  • The Atlantic Wall
  • Occupied Residence
  • Spy Academy
  • War Factory
  • Festung – Guernesey
  • liberation
  • Secret Weapons
  • Rubble And Ruin
  • Loose Ends

Each chapter starts from a place where we see a broad perspective of the area we are going to advance in advance. We’re picking up a few people from afar to clear our way before we go. If there is an alarm that we have seen before, we shot those alarms afar so that they do not call in support forces, or after determining its location, we go to it and disable it manually.

An image from in-game

An image from in-game

It is really good that we can see the area we will progress in each episode from afar. Fortresses, outposts, battlefields lie before us like a striking painting.

The area where we will play first appears before our eyes.

The area where we will play first appears before our eyes.

Each map has main missions to perform and side missions such as detonating batteries that will support our allies if we complete them. Doing each of these increases our performance, and we can improve our inventory with the hidden weapon stashes we find.

It has gameplay that puts it above the previous game. I like it. However, there is a problem that people complain about in the previous game, and it continues. I just found a beautiful hill. You say let me get out here so that I can get a dominant position, but I don’t! You can’t go up some hills, you can’t pass through some bushes. It is sad for a game released in 2022 to encounter such a linear environment that we cannot interact with while the atmosphere of the game is so good. You haven’t even attempted an open world game. You have nine medium maps, lots of trees and hills. I did not find this acceptable.

It is normal to say that the missions repeat each other after a some time and that there is a shoot and go logic, but with the progress of the story and the pleasant gameplay, these are no longer a problem. It is really enjoyable to open doors, safes and discover what comes out of these places with the explosives we find or the keys we get from high ranking officials.

However, I think all these were not enough to handle the game. Here is my review of Sniper Elite 5. Yes, it is a job that provides this experience for those who miss it, but has not been able to internalize the technological developments of the age and does not contain enough innovations. Is it fun to play anyway? Yeah when there’s no game to play.


Also, in the last part of the game, I waited for my target and took it from afar in one shot. Well, the whole episode is over in 30 seconds. This is an interesting aspect of the game. Let this be something that I will pass on to game runners or those who are bored.


Sniper Elite 5 Review
  • Story
  • Fiction
  • Atmosphere
  • Fluency

Briefly My Opinion

It is an above-average game that will be enjoyed by those who love the Sniper Elite series, but it seems like there is not enough innovation.

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