The Last of Us Part 2 Review

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We will examine The Last of Us Part 2, the sequel to The Last of Us after 7 years, present its story and make a general evaluation.

We previously reviewed The Last of Us here. We stated that we can easily place it among the three best games of all time, especially with storytelling. We even enjoyed the Left Behind DLC that came after the game. When the dates showed June of 2020, we encountered The Last Of us Part 2, which we were waiting for by holding our breath.

There were several reasons why we held our breath. First, the game’s maker, Naughty Dog, was one of the few legacy game companies that remained in the market, and its insistence on producing artwork that values storytelling. A few videos released from the game also put the fans in great anticipation and prompted them to wait for the date of the game’s release with great desire.

Secondly, the story of Joel and Ellie experienced one of the most profound relationships in the game world, and people were wondering about the continuation of this story.

Third, and most importantly, the initial press reviews of the game were rated above 95 before it was made publicly available. This showed that he was almost even successful from the first game. Videos from the game kept coming, when the game was played exploring around, the game time of around twenty-twenty-five hours drove people crazy.

However, when the game was opened to the access of all players, it was seen that the work in the middle was unfortunately not quite as described in the press reviews. Yes, apart from a few glitches, the game was technically and visually perfect, but the story of Joel and Ellie, which was remembered in that first story, remained only in memories, and turned into an almost empty teenage drama.

Story of The Last of Us Part 2

As you may remember, the story of the first game was as follows: The virus called ophiocordyceps unilteralis, which only exists in ants and changes the appearance of ants and makes them aggressive, somehow infected humans and an epidemic started in the world. Joel had lost his daughter in the turmoil of the beginning of the epidemic. The main story of The Last of Us began in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere with Joel, who could not get over his trauma twenty years after this event.

Then Joel and thirteen-year-old Ellie set out for a purpose in a world full of gangs and sick people, and experience what may be the most profound relationship in gaming history. The shocking finale shocked us and made us think that there could be a continuation of the game. That’s why The Last of Us Part 2 is about right after this shocking finale. Although there are frequent time jumps, especially at the beginning of the story, the game generally takes place five years after the finale of the first game.

Joel and Ellie settle in Jackson after the events. But the truth that Joel has been hiding from Ellie for Ellie is finally revealed. As Ellie questions her life purpose, a deep rift develops in her relationship with Joel.

That’s all the story of the game can be told without breaking the surprise. However, it should be noted that. Despite its shaky start, The Last of Us Part 2 is able to maintain the great storytelling of the first game, but its story is generally not as layered and in-depth as the story in the first game. In fact, it almost tastes like an adolescent drama set in a post-apocalyptic world. However, there are some very good things in the game as well.

General Evaluation

For one thing, Naughty Dog has something to be congratulated on. The fact that they still experience a story with a clear ending, like a novel, instead of bad scenarios that present the player with terrible choices just for the sake of being interactive, shows that there are still works of art out of the games.

It was also nice to experience the story of two enemies from two different perspectives this time. This reminded me of Tolstoy‘s War and Peace, where for the first time the other side was included in the same narrative. Indeed, it is striking to see how two different perspectives and two different stories can have their right sides.

Experiencing these two stories also creates the effect of playing two separate games for one game currency. It’s almost like two movies for one movie ticket in Tarantino’s From Dusk Till Down.

One of the artworks for the promotion of The Last of Us Part 2

One of the artworks for the promotion of The Last of Us Part 2

The story of The Last of Us draws strong female characters from the beginning for both games. Our Ellie growing up and starting to take care of herself is also very well told.

A Gameplay Image from The Last of Us Part 2

A Gameplay Image from The Last of Us Part 2

Apart from that, of course, the most successful part of the game is the atmosphere it creates. Exploring the surroundings in the game is necessary and very motivating as it should be in a survival game. This time you come across some safes and the little puzzles needed to decipher these safes and the job becomes even more enjoyable. Being one of the last games to be released on PlayStation 4, the game, which is located in a near perfect place visually, reveals the situation of the world we live in with all its nakedness, with notes around and separate stories of different people.

The animations of The Last of Us Part 2 are incredibly painstaking and consistent. Again, as in the first game, we do not have the opportunity to carry unlimited bullets in our bag. If we have to grab our gun in a hurry, we can’t even close the zipper of our bag completely, and this is consistently seen in the game. Even the moments we put on the table to develop our weapon and the interventions we made on our weapon found their place in an incredibly realistic and aesthetic way.

Although there is still very little linearity in the environment in the game (although we can’t enter some buildings we think we can enter and we can’t jump over some grass), the atmosphere is quite successful.

Ellie dancing with her lover Dina

Ellie dancing with her lover Dina

It’s just as nice to see the end of the story of Ellie and her boyfriend. There was a similar situation in Red Dead Redemption 2. I think that it is a very nice detail to let the actor experience the episodes after what we thought was the finale of the story, and it made the player’s experience even greater by multiplying it.

In The Last of Us Part 2, the dose of tension in the game has increased considerably. In other words, while the story is at the forefront in the first game, the tension is more prominent in some parts of this game. However, this also created a problem of constantly rising and falling sound. It is quite normal to hear the whispers and the increase in the sound level in the scenes where the sick come, and it is understandable to increase the dose of tension, but after a while it starts to bother you. I don’t know, maybe there is such a problem for Turkish dubbing.

My favorite part of the game was the clashes and background sounds Abby entered the island. I think the most realistic and aesthetic atmosphere was on that island. Apart from that, the game, which unfortunately fails in terms of the immersiveness and depth of its story, is still worth playing just for the atmosphere of The Last of Us. The prices have also decreased to the levels that can be bought especially in boxed versions, due to the release of Playstation 5 and the fact that a year has passed since the release of the game. Buy, play, experience, sell back. Not great enough to play over this time.


  • Story
  • Fiction
  • Atmosphere
  • Fluency
  • Gameplay

Briefly My Opinion

The winds are blowing in the place of that wonderful story, but it is still bought and played to re-experience that magnificent atmosphere with contemporary possibilities and to have an error-free gaming experience.

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