Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy Review

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In the content, we will explore Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy, the first game of Uncharted without Nathan Drake, and we will express our thoughts without breaking the surprise.

We have reviewed all of Uncharted’s games to date, including Uncharted 4. Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy, released in 2017 for Playstation 4, was originally considered an expansion pack of Uncharted 4. Due to the success of the game and the width of the package’s story, however, it was decided to be released as a new game.

Uncharted 5 Lost Legacy Teaser Image

Uncharted 5 Lost Legacy Teaser Image

Although they add new mechanics such as unlocking to the game, Uncharted 5 is built on the Uncharted 4 architecture. But this is not a problem. Our players are not always wants new mechanics, we are just looking for good stories. Since Uncharted 4 is one of the best games of Uncharted to date, this situation reflected positively on the game. So we have no problem getting used to the mechanics of the game. Having told beautiful stories, I wish every game with a beautiful universe would be continued with such works.

The Story of Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy is about the events after Uncharted 4. You may remember that Nathan Drake went looking for a pirate’s treasure in the previous game with his older brother Sam Drake. We had a wonderful adventure with our Sally and Elena included in the story. Our opponent in the adventure was also a mercenary company called Shorline, run by Rafe and Nadine.

In Uncharted 5, as we know from the first three games, we manage Nathan’s girlfriend in previous of Elena, Chloe. Nadine, who was separated from the company due to the bad business in Shorline, is our partner who accompanies us in our story. This time we are chasing a treasure in India. Nathan’s older brother Sam Drake is also later actively involved in our story.

As the first Uncharted game without Nathan, it was a good choice for them to tell a story that touches Nathan Drake from afar. Because in such stories based on the charisma of the main character, it is quite difficult to continue with a new character. Producer Naughty Dog has done a great job of smoothing this transition with characters we already know. Of course, it’s not as good as the games with Nathan, but it still offers a good story that prepares the player for the new Uncharted games.

From Which Game Should I Start Playing Uncharted?

Uncharted 5 is generally successful. Those who play the Uncharted series will not miss it, as it gives the opportunity to experience this universe again. However, I do not recommend beginners to start this game. Because there are sometimes references to previous games in the chats in the game, and understanding these references further enhances the flavor you get from the game. Those who have never played games before will enjoy it too, but not as much as those who have played previous games. Therefore, you will be playing Uncharted for the first time, I think it would be wrong to start from 5. You just have to start at the first game. The story proceeds in chronological order.

Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy General Evaluation

Although the game was built on the Uncharted 4 architecture, the logic designed for Chloe to unlock some locks with her buckle was amazing. You open the lock by feeling the vibration, just like the safe opening scenes in old American movies. This vibration reaches you through the joystick and when the feeling of touch moves, an incredible atmosphere is created. This unlocking thing sometimes has to be done during a tense conflict. It’s a great experience to feel that rush and have to focus.

One of Chloe's unlock moments

One of Chloe’s unlock moments

We can also use Chloe’s unlocking skill to open some safes left in enemy areas and to get weapons from them. In this game it finally became possible to find a weapon with a silencer. It’s rare, but it’s really nice to drive quietly with the muffler.

An gameplay photo from the beginning of the episode

An gameplay photo from the beginning of the episode

The only thing I did not like was the part where we collect the antique coins that we are going to need in the future parts of the game using a map. Looking at the map all the time, going from place to place with a 4×4 and the high number of these coins bored me a bit. The same was true in Naughty Dog’s other work, The Last of Us Part II. Just like there is the part where we play in the open world with the map in our hands for too long in this game.

There is also no diary because there is no Nathan in the game as before. Chloe takes notes on her phone in keeping with the realities of the century, and you can sometimes take pictures of beautiful landscapes on the phone. However, this photo opportunity is somewhat exaggerated. I do not think it makes much sense for such a game to be able to take photos like a tourist all the time.

Apart from that, although it is a step behind the previous games, the game stands out as a successful work that should be played by Uncharted lovers, with the same aesthetic atmosphere and the same beautiful experience.





Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy Review
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The Lost Legacy, originally planned as an expansion pack but later turned into a new game, is based on Uncharted 4 mechanics and is a must-play for Uncharted lovers.

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