Uncharted Movie Review

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In the content, we will examine the film adaptation of the unforgettable game series Uncharted, which is well known by Playstation enthusiasts.

One of the promotional images for the Uncharted movie. The artificial atmosphere with make-up is evident even from the poster.

One of the promotional images for the Uncharted movie. The artificial atmosphere with make-up is evident even from the poster.

Until the 2000s, cinema, the seventh art form, inspired the game industry. Now the game industry, which I predict will soon be known as the eighth branch of art, also inspires the cinema industry.

After the 2000s, many games were adapted into movies. Max Payne with a great noir atmosphere, for example, managed to create a dark movie like the game, which is not bad. Likewise, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Resident Evil and Hitman movies were also successful adaptations.

When we come to 2022, it’s time for Naughty Dog‘s unforgettable series Uncharted. I explained the Uncharted series from beginning to end on reviewsofgame.com. If you ask me, Uncharted was one of the most beautiful games in the history of the game, along with Naughty Dog’s other PlayStation exclusive game The Last of Us series. His storytelling had a fluidity that beat the touch of novels or action movies. The Last of Us was a work of art with purely aesthetic and dramatic elements. However, especially the Uncharted series; With the charisma of the main character, cheerful dialogues and action-packed structure, it was a wonderful game that was a mixture of Indiana Jones and James Bond, but offering a tremendous experience beyond these.

Uncharted’s story, which expanded and deepened over the years with the progression of the series, also carried him to an unforgettable place in the memory of the players. As such, it was inevitable that a movie adaptation would come. The excitement increased when it was announced that Tom Holland, who said in an interview years ago that he would very much like to portray the unforgettable main character of the series, Nathan Drake, will appear as Nathan Drake, even though there was no movie.

Expectations were high. One of the most beautiful stories in the history of the game was being adapted into a movie. People were hoping to see a charismatic new Indiana Jones, maybe even better.

The story of the movie was not directly in the form of an adaptation of the game. In order to increase the pleasure of the gamers, it offered an alternative Uncharted start, different from the game.

The Topic of Uncharted Movie

Our orphanage-raised Nathan works in a bar and finds his way through petty thefts. Sally, who tracked him down through her older brother, who was separated at a young age, offers our amateur thief Nathan a job. Just like in the game, the movie, in which we are swept from country to country and experience twists, begins to progress.

A behind-the-scenes shot from the Greenbox-filled movie set of Uncharted

A behind-the-scenes shot from the Greenbox-filled movie set of Uncharted

Uncharted Movie General Evaluation

First of all, when it comes to a game and a movie, I would like to point out that the scripts written for these two sectors are two different types of text and it is necessary to act accordingly. The scenario of Uncharted proceeds just like the game we are used to, but this scenario math, where we went from place to place, was working in the game. A more striking and different path should have been followed for the film.

Also, I think as a result of a conscious choice, there was a Greenbox in the movie that made its presence felt very intensely. Although the cinematographer has done a good job, it still feels artificial. However, what we liked in the game was the times we felt in real nature. The movie had an almost animated atmosphere. Despite spending so much money, the decorations used in the game were also grinning in some places.

We saw that Nathan’s charismatic and sarcastic nature almost turned into teen-amused jokes at the beginning of the movie, and that enough effort was not made to identify the character.

There are some coincidences in the story and we witness moments when the element of reality completely disappears. Okay, there were things that we said can’t happen anymore in the game, but it was presented to us with a certain reality. This game, especially at the end, has turned into a fantastic tale rather than a real story.

The same problem existed in Fast and Furious 9, the space movie of the fast and furious series. Yes, we understood that what was told in the Fast and Furious series was extraordinary, but they presented it in a possible logic. Then what was it like to go out into space and completely disconnect from reality? Uncharted’s problem is similar to the one that Fast and Furious 9 had.

In summary, my beautiful Uncharted has turned into a cheap action movie that despite spending so much money, I find the action and dialogues raw, I am not surprised by the twists, and I am disturbed by the empty parts.

I think there was such a problem when the film adaptors used the choice of harmony between the movie and the game’s scenario mechanics to be compatible with the game. I don’t think it is malicious, but this work has been below expectations according to all the effort and money spent. I wish it hadn’t been treated as an adaptation. If a story that takes its foundations from the same rich root should be approached like a movie that is a candidate to be unforgettable.

Briefly My Opinion

Despite all the money, time and effort spent on Uncharted’s movie, the expectation raised with advertisements seems to have been in vain. I think it’s an action movie that can’t go above average.





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