Watch Dogs Legion Review

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We will try to examine the scenario and gameplay of Watch Dogs Legion, Ubisoft’s latest AAA class Watch Dogs game, and explain its differences from other Watch Dogs games.

Ubisoft is a big game studio that was born in France in 1986, then moved to Montreal, Canada, and has developed many games since the 1990s, although most of them are cult (Assassin’s Creed, Tom Clancy’s, Far Cry Series…). Although the studio is headquartered in Canada, it has offices in many parts of the world (close to 20 countries), so they can work on multiple games at the same time and produce a few AAA class games in the same year. However, in recent years, they have been criticized by the players for doing duplicate works and not working hard on their games.

The Emergence Of Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs was a dark open world game set in a dark tech atmosphere by Ubisoft in 2014, where hackers were running around. When the game was found successful despite its shortcomings, work began for the second one, and Watch Dogs 2 was released in 2016. In the market with a limited number of open world games, Watch Dogs 2 was liked by the players, although it did not have a dark story as the first game. It was criticized solely for its story that slipped into popular culture. Four years have passed, and when we thought that Ubisoft will not make a new Watch Dogs game, Watch Dogs Legion, the third game in the series, appeared.

The Story of Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion is developing around our hacker group named DedSec, which we remember from Watch Dogs 2. While DedSec is trying to prevent London from being bombed by an organization called Zero Day, it suddenly starts to be mentioned as responsible for this work and is declared a terrorist organization. Our main character learns the details of a global plot while trying to reveal that DedSec is innocent and who is behind it. It takes action to save the people from this conspiracy.

Watch Dogs Legion takes place in London.

Watch Dogs Legion takes place in London.

The story of Watch Dogs Legion has difficulty in getting the gamer in as of the first episodes and it stalls in many parts. Designing a game is really a difficult task. Developers have been working on game mechanics and prototypes for years, so they can’t be objective with their own games, and when they say, let’s create a nice, flawless game with landscaping, they can’t exactly distinguish whether the story or the game is fun in general.

Some of the episodes that are very enjoyable to play cannot fully save Watch Dogs Legion, and unfortunately, it stands out as the least engaging and least successful production of the series due to its lifeless open world and static narrative.

Positive Aspects

In the game, you can actually include every character you see on the street in your group and experience playing the story with them. The possibility of permanent death and the possibility of continuing the story with another character is also one of the beautiful innovative discoveries for the gaming industry.

Negative Aspects

In Watch Dogs Legion, they removed the hacking of traffic lights from the previous Watch Dogs game. It was a lot of fun, it was one of the most popular places in the game, I wonder why they had to remove it?

Cargo Drones in the game are a serious deficit. You can go to almost any task with this, go down to the place and get the job done.

Cargo Drones in the game are a serious deficit. You can go to almost any task with this, go down to the place and get the job done.

Other than that, the open world is really lifeless. In our opinion, England’s traffic flowing in reverse also makes driving something cheerless for the rest of the world, except for UK players. I wish this had a setting. If anyone could make the traffic flow the other way.

General Evaluation

It is gratifying that Watch Dogs Legion has moved away from popular culture stories and turned into a dark scenario like in the first game. In fact, “How do we turn into a great dystopia?” It has an assertive narrative in the form. However, the atmosphere is not successful enough and although we can play with every character we see in the game, the open world is lifeless.

While a few chapters are great fun, we generally encounter easy puzzles and repetitive chapters. Vehicle dynamics are not unique enough. For example, the driving feel of each of the three motorcycle in the game is almost the same. These are very important in an open world game. It was the Scarface game that we can cite in the category of underrated that did this job best so far. It would be better to take a few examples from them.

Cargo Drones in the game are a serious deficit. You can go to almost any task with this, go down to the place and get the job done.

Cargo Drones in the game are a serious deficit. You can go to almost any task with this, go down to the place and get the job done.

Then, in terms of the consistent progression of the story, I sometimes have to state that I could not find my car at the place I left before entering a place. Some parts have the same design as the FarCry series.

In recent years, Ubisoft has a policy of relying on dozens of offices in different countries rather than making little and concise games, taking risks and making a lot of games, but almost all the open worlds it creates are similar to FarCry. Even the fonts are the same in some places. There is no problem with that. If there is a working and fun mechanic, of course they can copy. We gamers no longer want new prototypes and increasingly complex control schemes. We want good stories to be presented to us. However, although Watch Dogs Legion has a solid content, it looks far from presenting it to the player.

In summary, I would expect it to get a little cheaper to buy the game.



Watch Dogs Legion Review
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Briefly My Opinion

Despite the new ideas and provocative subject of permanent death and playing with every character, I think the script is a game that does not meet the expectation of high-class gameplay with its lackluster open world.

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